Sponsor a simulated crypto trading game on Wealthbase to promote your brand!

Players join your game

They start with $100,000 in virtual cash and invite their friends to your branded game.

They create their portfolios

They’ll pick cryptos to create a virtual portfolio.

Players trade to win!

They manage their portfolios and trade to win a reward from your brand!

Who's on Wealthbase?

New investors
who seek to learn

Savvy traders
who like to compete

Social influencers
who love to play

Sponsorship Offerings

Wealthbase provides financial services brands with exposure to audiences engaged in crypto trading.


Featured game on homepage

Visitors to Wealthbase.com are exposed to your branded investing game and encouraged to sign up, invite their friends, and trade to win.


Public landing page and leaderboard

At Wealthbase.com/YourBrand, users sign up and virally invite their friends to a branded landing page with your promotional messaging.


Branded game experience

The game page of Wealthbase is optionally customized with your brand, from which users navigate to view the dashboard feed, leaderboard, performance, portfolio, and trading history.


Viral inviting

Players can easily invite their friends to your game using invite links and social media sharing, driving more traffic to your sponsored game.


Leaderboard widget for your site

Embed a game leaderboard widget on your site to increase traffic and drive engagement to your products and services.


Activity feed ads

Promote your products and services in the game activity feed with ads, polls, quizzes, and interactive features that integrate with your technology and media.


Contextual ads

Crypto trading allows for contextually relevant advertising on Wealthbase.


Affiliate marketing

Drive new account signups with performance marketing on Wealthbase as part of a sponsorship package.


Branded daily emails

Each trading day, users receive an update summary with sponsored content from your brand and links to your products and services.


Social reach

Viral invites are amplified by users sharing game content on social networks.



Convert fantasy into reality and award game participants with prizes related to your brand’s products and services.


Game host moderation

Optionally, you're able to access your public game as a moderator, where you can manage players and share content in the feed.


Lead generation

Gather opt-in email leads and market your products and services to qualified and relevant prospects.


Analytics & insights

Track and analyze player activity in the game against demographics and engagement with your brand.

Sponsored Game Price:

Up to 10,000 players per game

Open to the public

Featured game on homepage

Public landing page & leaderboard

Branded game experience

Viral inviting and social sharing

Leaderboard widget for your site

Your ads in the game and daily emails

In-game moderator option

Opt-in email lead generation

Rewards and prizes

User and advertising analytics