Sponsor a simulated stock trading game to promote your brand!

“A social investing app, allowing users to play fantasy trading games with friends.”

“Wealthbase is the Robinhood of simulated trading.”

“On a mission to make finance fun, Wealthbase is basically social media for investing.”

How Sponsored Games on Wealthbase work


Players join your game, invite their friends, and get $100,000 in virtual cash.


Players pick stocks, ETFs, and cryptos to create a virtual portfolio.


Players track their performance on the leaderboard and trade to win!

Who's on Wealthbase?

New investors
who seek to learn

Savvy traders
who like to compete

Social influencers
who love to play

Sponsored Game Offerings

Engage your audience with fun, social, and educational content in simulated investing.


Featured game on Wealthbase.com

Your game is featured on the home page of Wealthbase and within the app, driving exposure and sign-ups to your sponsored game.


Branded game page and leaderboard

Players are presented with a branded landing page when joining your game, featuring a custom game title, your imagery, and your logo.


Asset class selection

Select which asset classes your audience wants to trade in your game.


Trade view and watchlists

Players can browse popular stocks, ETFs, and cryptos and create watchlists to track activity.


Real-time trading in a fantasy stock market

Live data and instant stock, ETF, and crypto order processing gives your audience a realistic, engaging trading experience.


Order types

Players can explore advanced trading strategies using the same order types available in real brokerages. Buy and sell short with market, limit, and stop orders.


Trade rationales

Players can note their trade rationales and optionally share their trades to the game feed for comments and likes.


Portfolio management

Similar to a real brokerage account, each player can track daily total returns in their portfolio, and can also see which investments made them the best returns.


Game performance comparisons

Players can compare their performances against market indexes, the game average, and other competing players.


Activity feed ads

Promote your products and services in the game feed with ads, polls, quizzes, and interactive features.


Contextual ads

Place ads and promotional offers in contextually relevant sections of the game.


Branded daily emails

A daily email with game activity is sent to all players and includes your logo, branding, and optional ads for your products or services.


Viral inviting

Players can easily invite their friends using an invite link and social media sharing, driving more traffic to your game.


Social reach

Your game gets extra promotion as players share game content with your branding on social networks.


Awards and Prizes

Drive more engagement by awarding top game participants with prizes.


Game feed posting

Pin promotional content to the top of the activity feed to increase audience engagement.


Lead generation

Gather opt-in email leads and market your products and services to qualified and relevant prospects.


Embedded landing page for your site

Embed a game landing page on your own site to promote and attract more signups to your game.


Leaderboard widget for your site

Place a leaderboard widget on your site to engage your audience throughout your game.


Analytics & insights

Track and analyze player activity in the game against demographics and engagement with your brand.

Who sponsors simulated stock trading games?

Sponsoring a trading game on Wealthbase draws attention and traffic to your brand.

Retail Brokerage

Crypto Trading


Financial Media

Personal Finance

Financial Planning

Sponsored Game Features

Up to 30,000 players

Up to 1 year

Custom game title

Your logo and branding

Featured game on Wealthbase.com

Awards and prizes

Social sharing and inviting

Your ads in the game

Branded daily emails

Real-time simulated trading

Asset class selection

Game feed posting